My skin as an actress

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OK, so you might know what I do for a living by now. If you don’t, I’m an actress and a model – you know, the job where I have to be in the “limelight”.

When work to others may mean sitting behind the desk, mine’s standing in front of people or the camera, delivering a message. Nope, no pressure at all………………….


It looks glamorous, don’t you think? Very glamourous. But before I get caught up in all that glamour, I’d have to pay my dues. In other words, find work, go to work, and work hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But unlike sitting behind a desk,┬ámy job is a different ball-game altogether.

2013-04-20 22.51.10 HDR

Oh wait, did I just contradict myself? LOLOLOL!

One of the factors that come into play is thick makeup.

Picture 19

Or in certain cases and depending on my role…┬ánot the kind of makeup you wear every day. #fosho


The other is either strong lighting, or being out in the sun, or both.

And sometimes, we have to be in rather unconventional locations.

2013-05-20 14.12.18


And interesting, I might add! But let’s scroll down to the rest.


Unlike what many would think, actors aren’t unfamiliar with dirt and grime.

During long days of shoot, we nap in between our scenes. But when we do not have a green room (place to rest for actors) or erm… trailer (Singapore no trailer mah), we’d have to make do with our surroundings.


Here I am, sleeping on a row of plastic chairs.


Here I am, under the big blue sky. Kinda like camping innit? Haha.


Here’s me discussing the script with my director on top of a boat.


I’m Singaporean, so being in touch with nature is very refreshing and a whole new experience to learn from. But being under the hot sun all day is…


…well, you get the idea – I’m Singaporean.

Dirt and grime, makeup, UV rays, sweltering heat, humidity, and tricky locations… If I didn’t mention makeup, you’d think I was describing a day in a construction worker’s life right? Haha OK, that’s quite a stretch…

It isn’t like that all the time, but these factors can combine like a happy family.

And with these powers combined, I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!

…….I wish!

This only means that my skin is under a lot of stress, and because I didn’t win a genetic lottery on skin resilience, I get breakouts very often. Very. Often.

Then I use makeup to cover them up. Then I get more breakouts. Then I use more makeup to cover them again.


And then, so much win!~

Anyway, I’m writing this to consult you for help. Sensitive skin can be rather high in maintenance, so I would appreciate it if you guys could recommend an affordable remedy!┬áRecommendations on good doctors/specialists would be good too. This way, I can get advise on my largest organ in a scientific, diagram-form way. :D

Think you can drop me a few pointers and/or referrals down in my comment box below? Feel free to contact me via my Connect page too!~ Thanks for all your help in advance!! :)


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