Last Wednesday

You know how you don’t feel your best on some days? Not that you’re ill or depressed – your mood just sucks. Yep, those days. No particular rhyme or reason… Perhaps that’s why they’re called “bad days”.

So last Wednesday was one of those days. Nothing awful happened. I just lack good sleep from the night before. My energy level was L O W. Or as some people put it, “bad”. I’m not being all spiritual or earthy or whatever… More like I was sluggish and not in the mood for anything.

But life still goes on right? So I headed out, walked to a bus stop and awaited a friend’s confirmation about our appointment. So picture this: Girl at bus stop, on the phone, typing messages. OK la, girl with a black face.

Then comes the point of my post.

I heard an electronic bell ringing and my peripheral vision told me that there was a person on a bicycle or something headed towards me. I ignored him. Not because I didn’t think he wasn’t supposed to be there or anything… I didn’t bother to even register him.I knew this guy was sounding for something, but in my mind, I was like “OK get along, just leave me alone.”

Sounds familiar? Yes… I believe it’s a very typical mood here.

Turning point:

It turned out to be guy on an electronic skate scooter. How did I know? Because when I didn’t respond to his rings, he swerved around me, miscalculated and fell onto the road. And he fell hard.

I felt horrible. But all I could mutter was, “Are you ok?” Luckily he said “yea” and rode off normally. Only then I got to thinking:


2) What if he injured himself even though it didn’t show?

3) All he needed was for me to take a step back.


The best part was, I wasn’t even there to wait for a bus. I was gonna grab a cab as soon as my friend replied, but when that happened, I thought, “Okayyy. No going out.”

Call me paranoid, but I’m not gonna cause someone else an accident no matter how minor. Why risk it? What for? Thanks to my “bad energy”?

My friend and cancelled and I went home to shut myself in. Yes, a shut-in – that was how I felt like and I should’ve just done so. Hence this is what I realised: If you feel like shit, just do as your body tells you. Especially if you can help it. Don’t go out and spoil moments for others. It’ll come back to you and in my case, I felt extremely guilty.

I heard skate scooters are prohibited on side walks etc, but the bottom line is: That guy didn’t deserve to fall and all I had to do was to take a step backwards.

I believe most would have already forgotten a small incident like this by now, but if you’re the guy whom I caused to fall, I’m very, very sincerely sorry. I hope you’re alright!!!


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