A Mini Makeup Tutorial

Instagram-ed this awhile back and a bunch of you complimented the makeup, especially the eyeshadow.

(❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* Thanks! I think it’s rad too!

So I thought why not do a mini makeup tutorial? ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ 

2014-06-21 18.52.24Instagram: @MsFaithyeo

Just a headsup, I didn’t do it – I wish I can do this for myself. (╯_╰)  Before you give me credit I don’t deserve, this was a post-photoshoot selfie. I was lucky to have an expert who’s been around for many years make me up.

10505588_666028680138364_5576373003729508902_nPhoto cred: PWRKS https://www.facebook.com/PWRKS

I’ve met many professional makeup artists before and have always been intrigued by their craft. Making people beautiful isn’t an easy job! ♥‿♥

The expertise of this one blew me away. Her name’s Melissa Yeo too! No, I’m not being biased.

(*´∀`*) Hahahaha!

Be the judge yourself – view her website to see what I mean:  www.melissayeo.com

2014-07-06 21.37.02

The secrets behind a mesmerizing smokey eyeshadow – blending and the right colours. Yes, it’s more than just a black colour. This may be a shocker, but the base (the colour we start with) does not have to be black or grey. The best base is usually a brown tone!

The colours used to achieve this eyeshadow were from the Naked palette. Can you guess which colours were used?

2014-06-20 15.42.43Answer: Darkhorse, Smog (left of Darkhorse) and Sidecar. 

Darkhorse: The colour most prominent / accent colour.

Smog: The unsung hero also known as the transition colour. It’s the base Melissa started with before she smoked my eyes with Darkhorse. As you can see, a good blend helps these two colours to transition seamlessly.

Sidecar: The highlight colour. This goes on the brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. 。◕‿◕。


2014-06-20 15.42.53(Far right) Blackout from Naked 2.
Melissa also added a dash of Blackout from the Naked 2 palette to the outer corners of my eyes to further define them. You can used any black colour from the same palette, so don’t worry about buying 2 different palettes or more colours. In fact, you can substitute these colours with similar eyeshadow colours you currently have! :)
Melissa is a perfectionist. She brought all her Naked palettes that day – Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3. Check out our dressing table…
 2014-06-20 15.38.04 2014-06-20 15.42.23

2014-07-06 21.41.31

The idea is to make your eyes look like they glow in the inner corners and deep-set in the outer corners, hence the bright to dark transition.

Finish off with the usual: Eyeliner (top + bottom) and mascara. I’m not wearing falsies here but you can add them on if you wanna amplify the look! (✿◠‿◠)

2014-07-06 21.16.47

I hope you liked my mini makeup tutorial! There will be makeup tutorials on Project Beauty soon so stay tuned! ^^ If you decide to give this look a try, Instagram or tweet your version and tag me @MsFaithYeo. Have fun! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


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