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Hey guys! Thank you for keeping those the skincare recommendations coming in after my shoutout for help! :)

Because of you, I managed to find a clinic I like – EHA! (⌒▽⌒) Those of you who wrote in about how convenient the clinic and its friendly environment – you are absolutely right!

One thing I like about EHA’s doctor, Dr Tam, is his friendly and chatty nature. He explains his treatments very patiently, which I’m very grateful for. ≖‿≖

I understand how doctors do numerous consultations on a daily basis and by the time it gets to me, they might be tired of repeating themselves, so I would rush through the consultation. The best part is that some doctors act like it’s not right to have that many concerns.

2013-10-03 21.46.39Not cool right? -.-

During the consult, Dr Tam swept the range of factors contributing to my troubled skin. From there, I learnt exactly which part of my lifestyle to change. As with just a little tweaking, I saw a vast improvement to my condition. o(〃^▽^〃)o

For example, (this is for the women reading this) it’s not just our lifestyles that we have to be mindful of, nor our diet. Those are very big factors but it was brought to my attention that we have to choose our contraceptive pills carefully. Oil glands are activated by our ovaries and some oral contraceptives have a side effect of causing oil glands to be more active.

2014-07-16 18.01.42Being a woman can fun yet so tedious huh? (⊙.☉)7

So here’s my takeaway: A knowledgeable AND patient doctor is very, very important. Reputation and pricing (both high or low) are important factors too, but honestly to me, they’re secondary.

In this episode of Project Beauty, you will watch as I go through my first visit at EHA. On the quest of getting a flawless complexion! (*⌒∇⌒*) Promise I will elaborate more on the procedure in my next post. I also want to rave about some of Dr Tam’s products but nah… I shall let you enjoy the video and I’ll talk to you soon!


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