Project Beauty Eps 1 & 2

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m bringing you not one, but two episodes of Project Beauty. Enjoy!~

Always wanted to know what you can do with lipstains and the versatility behind them? Check out this video where I show you how to transform from a good girl to a bad just by changing your lip colour.

Lipstains are great substitutes for blushers if you are going for a dewy, day look. They also perform best if you want colour only on the inner part of your lips, which is quite a trend now. You get the idea – they colour naturally.

Watch how we transition from a day to a night look while filming this during the magic hour (sunset) just to match the looks! LOL. Quite ambitious for a 1st episode. Well… welcome to Project Beauty! ;)

Here’s a bonus episode for April Fools’ Day!

If you’re cracking your heads on what to prank your colleagues or boss with, here you go. :) We prank the employees of MyFatPocket with bloody tricks. No, literally, we used blood.
These bloody pranks of levels 1 to 5 are very easy to execute.

Don’t worry,¬†everybody from the faint-hearted to the extreme dare-devils can be included in the fun as we have different levels of “goriness”.¬†Warning: It gets gorier as I approach level 5!

Thanks, MFP, I owe so much of this episode to you!

Have fun, pranksters! This is one day you can get away with mischief, I say get bloody with it. Happy April Fools’, everybody! :)


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